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Home Heating


Uh-oh! The house has no Heat and the unit is completely down. Who do you call for a new system? Laconia Residential! One of our Comfort Advisors will schedule an appointment with you to estimate and recommend the proper system to meet your home’s needs and fit your budget. Once done, we will schedule our Installation Technicians to install your brand-new unit. We will also take out your old system and properly recycle it to reduce our carbon footprint. Our installation technicians are highly trained to install your system the right way, the first time.


As a HVAC Service provider, we are your home’s hero. If you have a problem with you air systems, we will send over one of our service technicians to diagnose and repair the problem. We are trained and have the skillset to fix and maintain systems to their peak performance. There is no brand of heater that we won’t work on. Any unit you throw at us, we will fix. Not only will we repair your systems, but we will also give you a sense of relief knowing that you called the right people to fix the problem the right way, the first time.

Tune Up

Every time we send a technician to go into your home, not only do they diagnose and fix your Heating unit, but we also give you a complimentary full system inspection. We do this to give you peace of mind that your system won’t go down again. We’ll check your system and tune it up to run at peak performance. The best part is you can get two tune ups for free with our club membership program. With the club membership, you will never have to worry about your system going down again. Click here to sign up for the club membership.



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